West Virginia Camping

Written by Serena Berger
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West Virginia camping is as diverse as the many other outdoor activities for which people travel to the Mountain State. Sports enthusiasts come to West Virginia for the world-class rapids of the Upper Gauley River, the mountain climbing, or the renowned equestrian facilities. Nature lovers enjoy the hiking, boating, and bird watching.

Almost anyone can enjoy some form of West Virginia camping. If what you want is to take your vehicle or rent an ATV and go off-roading somewhere secluded and wild, West Virginia is full of appropriate terrain. You can also enjoy the clear starry sky over the Appalachians with your significant other with no one else around for miles.

West Virginia Camping Facilities

If you're going camping with a large family, and you are concerned with safety and comfort, you can take advantage of some of the national parks and state campgrounds. You can stay at a site with shower and bath facilities, as well as games and food. There are also campgrounds where people can pitch tents, stay in their RV, or rent a cabin.

Another great aspect of some of these West Virginia camping grounds is that there are staff members on hand to take care of any problems that you might have. Whether this means cleaning up during the day or making sure all fires are extinguished at night, these little things can increase your peace of mind so that you can relax and have fun on your vacation. Camping is a great thing to share with family, friends, or a significant other; and no matter what level of living comforts you want to retain, you should be able to find a site in West Virginia that caters to the kind of camper you are.

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