West Virginia Lodging

Written by Serena Berger
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West Virginia lodging is an important part of any vacation you take to the Mountain State. In some cases, lodging is even a central part of the vacation. You will find that West Virginia boasts some world-class guest lodgings, as well as a number of quaint, convenient Bed and Breakfasts and hotels, and also camp grounds that even the poorest students backpacking through the country can afford.

Romantic West Virginia Lodging

Many couples look for romantic West Virginia lodging to make their honeymoon or private holiday particularly special. There are a number of resorts which offer a small variety of cabins, each of which is secluded, but within relatively close proximity to each other and a central office. The only way to get a truly and totally secluded cabin, without purchasing or building one, is likely to be a time-share or renting from an owner. But don't think that means resort cabins are going to be on top of each other--they make a point of providing the privacy and ambiance you want for your romantic getaway.

There are also a number of resorts in West Virginia, many of them on or near state park land, which are ideal for business conferences, as well as families. West Virginia has several championship golf courses, many of which are owned by resorts that also have state-of-the-art business facilities, as well as fine dining, fitness rooms, and comfortable suites. Families can find something for everyone to do, and business groups can have recreational time on site.

The most modest and affordable West Virginia lodging can be found at campsites around the state. Some are simply areas where you can pitch your own tent, while others provide security, supply rentals, and may also have sports or dining facilities. For families, students, and nature lovers, camping can be the most fun, as well as the most affordable, option for travel lodging.

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