West Virginia State Parks

Written by Serena Berger
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West Virginia State Parks offer stunning natural beauty, as well as a number of fantastic outdoor activities. From the educational to the purely recreational, there are a myriad of exciting and interesting things to do in the West Virginia State Parks, of which there are many. Valley Falls, Pipestem Resort Park, and Twin Falls are among the more upscale park areas that include resorts and conference centers. While Kumbrabow State Forest, Panther State Forest, and Greenbrier State Forest offer incredible expanses of unspoiled forest and wildlife, ranging from 5000 to 9000 acres.

West Virginia State Parks have typically been designated by the state to serve as recreation and preservation areas. West Virginia's state parks and forests also serve as areas of publicly owned land for forestry research, timber management, and watershed and wildlife protection. Naturalists are always doing important environmental research, by exploring the conditions in these state parks.

Resorts on West Virginia State Parks

If you want to take a vacation with more amenities, you can consider some of the elegant resorts situated on or near state parks. Twin Falls, for example, boasts a Par 71 championship golf course, as well as a spa and elegant accommodations. Other leisure activities include hiking trails of easy to moderate difficulty, picnicking, swimming, and boating nearby.

There are many other charming features of the state parks. Some boast tram rides, train rides and mineral springs, as well as lakes, beautiful creeks and rivers, and glorious forests. From businesses conferences to family picnics, nature walks to weddings, you may be able to find an ideal setting for an event or a holiday in a state park in West Virginia.

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