West Virginia Tourism

Written by Serena Berger
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West Virginia tourism provides an astonishing variety of options for travellers, many of which focus on the culture and history of this vital region. Others focus on the natural beauty of the area around the New River and the Gauley River and the beautiful mountain regions. West Virginia is a particularly great area for families to visit on summer vacations because the climate is wonderful, and there are bountiful opportunities for both education and adventure.

West Virginia Tourism: Rich with History

Some West Virginia tourism centers around the Civil War history of the area. Virginia was a crucial state going into the Civil War, and while the state as a whole voted to secede from the Union and side with the Confederacy, more than two-thirds of the delegates from the western part of Virginia voted against secession. Convinced that the war was wrong for the people and the country, these delegates proposed splitting the state into Virginia and West Virginia.

Thus the ideological conflicts of the Civil War were hashed out among family and friends with tremendous passion and anger through out West Virginia, and that history left an undeniable imprint on the state. A great deal of West Virginia tourism involves visits to essential battle sites, battle re-enactments, and the Civil War Discovery Trail sponsored by the state government. There are also numerous villages and towns where many of the old crafts are still practiced, which are well worth a visit.

If you aren't a fan of heavily historical vacations, you can also visit West Virginia for incredible scenery and world-class outdoor sports. From rafting to hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, and ATV rentals, there is something for everyone in West Virginia. If you choose to vacation in West Virginia, you might also consider stopping to view some master craftsmen at work in glassmaking, a thriving industry and art form of West Virginia.

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