Whitewater Rafting

Written by Serena Berger
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Whitewater rafting is a popular outdoor sport that combines the best of natural beauty, teamwork, and exercise. With difficulty levels ranging from Class I to Class V+ rapids as a possibility, more experienced rafters and athletes can get a strenuous workout, while families can have a safe enjoyable day on the river. The staff at any rafting facility can tell you exactly when and where to anticipate rapids of varying intensities, so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Whitewater Rafting for Sporting or Vacation

Whitewater rafting can be something you just try for an afternoon, the main activity of a vacation, or a sport you practice several times per week (if you are lucky enough to live in an area conducive to rafting). While rafts typically require at least four to navigate the river safely, people who prefer solitude can generally kayak or take duckies solo on the same rapids. Many rafting facilities rent kayaks and other types of craft.

Whitewater rafting is also something to consider for team building among co-workers, a church group, or any other group of people. A day away from the office is already something to look forward to, but an activity that requires people to cooperate and work together, while also enjoying adventure and sunshine, can have benefits back at work, as well. Rental companies typically offer discount packages for groups that often include meals and wet suits, whose necessity varies depending on the weather.

If you've seen the car commercial where a bunch of really excited dudes drive their powerful off-road vehicle to some great Class V rapids they heard about, only to get there and sheepishly speculate that perhaps Class II rapids and Class III rapids add up to Class V, you hopefully learned a very important lesson. If you haven't been rafting before, you should probably start with the easier rapids; after all, rafting isn't an Olympic sport because it's easy. You should talk to an experienced rafter, tell him or her about the fitness levels and experience of the members of your raft, and they will provide a recommendation for a time and place when there are likely to be rapids that will provide you with the balance of relaxation and challenge that you want.

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