African Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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African safaris represent a great adventure for many people. They envision staring into the eyes of a lion, or tracking a leopard across the savannah. Perhaps, they will dive out of they way, narrowly escaping an oncoming stampede of elephants.

Many of these images stem from movies, stories, or other forms of pop culture. However, many of them arise from the fact that Africa is truly an unknown territory for most. The majority of people have no real knowledge of the culture or even the geography of Africa. They see it as the untamed land where Hemingway stalked big game, or the home to elusive tribes that have existed for thousands of years. In some ways, these ideas do hold true. The continent is home to animals that simply do not naturally live anywhere else, and it is the only place where one can truly witness the King of the Jungle in all his majesty. Seeing that up close is, in a way, an incredible adventure for those who spend the majority of their time in an office, or in front of a television set.

Wildlife Viewing on African Safaris

There is a group of animals in Africa known as the Big Five. More people who go on African safaris go to see these animals than any others. The lion, the buffalo, the leopard, the rhino, and the elephant make up the list. Many reserves in different countries feature some if not all of these animals.

There are, however, many other mammals, birds, and reptiles that can be viewed by those who embark on African safaris. Antelope, wildebeests, meerkats, crocodiles, and gorillas are just a few of the other species that live in the southern portion of Africa. Different countries have different wildlife, a fact that often heavily influences which of the many African safaris a person will choose to go on.

Lodging on African Safaris

Many people fear that they will go on their African safaris and be forced to live without any modern conveniences for the duration. This is actually not true at all. There are many different choices when it comes to safari lodging.

Most reserves and national parks offer tented camps. Many of these camps are very basic, but some feature tents that are fully furnished. There are also game lodges that vary in degrees of comfort. Some rival the finest hotels in the world, providing their most treasured guests with personal butlers and chefs. There are also tours that provide cottages, or thatched houses for vacationers.

Options for African Safaris

The choices that one has in African safaris almost seem countless. Kenya is one of the popular destinations. However, those who want to stay away from commercialized tourism usually look elsewhere. South Africa provides visitors with both African and European culture, while Zimbabwe features the waters of Victoria Falls.

Most agencies that book African safaris will do so in a number of different locations. Each country has something truly unique to offer. Many people believe that one cannot make a wrong decision when choosing where to go for the first time, because no matter where one goes, it will be different than any place he or she has gone before.

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