Big Five Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Big five safaris take place in countries throughout Africa. They allow people to see the animals (lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, buffalo, and leopards) that call Africa home. Some areas have two or three of the Big Five, while others such Namibia, support them all.

Unfortunately, Big Five safaris have been linked to poachers, those who hunt big game in protected reserves. While many who make the journey to Africa do so to track and kill these animals, there are Big Five safaris that are designed to simply give people a chance to observe theses mammals in their natural habitat. They also allow tourists to view aboriginal African peoples up close. Due to the fact that African history is not often covered in American and European schools, these tours are some of the few things that can give westerners insight into the culture of the continent.

Choosing Big Five Safaris

With all of the different tours that are available in Africa, it is necessary for a traveler to prioritize. Choosing one of the many Big Five safaris ensures that very specific wildlife will be seen. If someone wants to observe birds or primates, there are other trips that are better suited for this.

Big Five safaris generally last anywhere from seven to 16 days. However, private trips that are longer or shorter can be arranged. Also, housing while on safari varies. Many tour companies offer several different forms of accommodations. Price is dependent on the details of the trip, but as more businesses offer their services, the cost of Big Five safaris is becoming more affordable.

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