Botswana Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Botswana safaris take travelers to Chobe National Park, home of some of the most exotic wildlife on earth. Both the Chobe and Zambezi rivers flow through the park. These water sources draw a huge concentration of game, and give spectators a chance to watch different species interacting with each other.

Along with trips to Zambia, Botswana safaris offer some of the top game lodges in all of Africa. Accommodations can be quite luxurious, with ample amenities. Daily departures make treks into the wild convenient for all types of tourists, and give those who can afford it multiple chances to glimpse the majesty of the Chobe.

Types of Botswana Safaris

Many people go to Botswana with the intention of living in a way that they have never lived before. They want to be close to nature and they want to see the country as the native peoples of the area see it. However, there are others who want to maintain a bit of their western lifestyle while in Africa. Tourists can choose from a variety of Botswana safaris.

There are those that feature permanent tented camps. These offer a sense of community and stability, but not many of the modern perks that come with the game lodges. There are also fly-in safaris for those who simply want to make it a small part of their African vacation. Finally, there are luxury mobile camping options that allow groups to traverse large portions of Botswana, in order to see as much wildlife as possible during their stay.

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