China Tour Packages

Written by Michael Federico
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China tour packages have not been extremely popular among American tourists. There are several preconceived notions that many westerners have about China, and East Asia as a whole. Most people in the United States would choose to vacation in Europe over heading to China. This is due, in part, to political differences between the nations. However, most people simply do not know all that China tour packages have to offer.

Visiting China is visiting one of the world's oldest civilizations. Many China tour packages include trips to sites that have stood for thousands of years. Gaining a full grasp on the history of the land cannot be done on a week long trip, but one can gain a much greater appreciation for its traditions. If one wants to hold onto aspects of the West while there, trips to Hong Kong are affordable and extremely easy to book. The city is perhaps the truest fusion of Asian and European culture on earth.

China Tour Packages for Panda Lovers

There are certain China tour packages that are dedicated to all things panda. People can visit the giant panda base and the giant panda museum. They can watch baby bears play in the cub house, and they can visit enclosures in which pandas live naturally in a protected environment.

With the Olympics on the horizon, the nation of China has begun to develop more tourist-friendly sites. China will probably never be the number one destination for Americans, on the whole. However, more are finding that China tour packages offer an alternative to mainstream tourism.

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