Chobe Game Lodge

Written by Michael Federico
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Chobe Game Lodge is located in Botswana amidst the beautiful lands of the Chobe National Park. The area is supported by both the Chobe and Zambezi rivers. These flowing waters attract large concentrations of wildlife, and make the Chobe Game Lodge one of the best departure points for setting out on a safari.

The lodge, itself, serves as an extremely comfortable home away from home for those who visit the reserve. Modern amenities are available, but the appearance and style of the Chobe Game Lodge leans more to the colonial. It is from lodges such as these that hunters used to regale any one who would listen with tales of how they stared down the great lion's mouth, or how they were able to track a single cheetah for days on end before taking the beast down with a single shot. While conservation efforts have altered the discourse in the Chobe Game Lodge, it still holds that sense of adventure. When people stay there, they know they are going to see something special.

Wildlife Safaris from the Chobe Game Lodge

Trips out into the wild usually depart each day. These trips can run close to $3000.00 per person. Once out on the grounds of Chobe National Park, it is possible to see sites that most only witness on television. Lions will hunt antelope and leopards will patiently wait to pounce on their prey all in view of the human spectators. Many times, animals will simply sun themselves, or stop by a watering hole for a drink.

It has been said that time functions differently on safari. People return from a weeklong stay at the Chobe Game Lodge and feel as though they have spent a month there. Wildlife tours and other trips to Africa give people a chance to truly focus on what is in front of them. There is nowhere to run off to. All people have to do is wait and watch as Nature unfolds before them.

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