Cruise Egypt

Written by Michael Federico
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Cruise Egypt on a floating luxury hotel. Accommodations on vessels that lead tourists down the Nile include private suites, private balconies, restaurants, bars, ballrooms, and much more. Nightlife for those who cruise Egypt can be filled with dancing, light shows, and a variety of performances.

One gets the sense of stepping into a different era when boarding. The appearance of most ships that cruise Egypt is colonial, and the act of drifting down the world's largest river for sheer entertainment was born of that time. Tours are like something out of an Agatha Christie novel, minus the intrigue and plot twists. One expects some mutton chopped colonel to strike a match and light his pipe at any minute.

Cruise Egypt and Visit the Land of the Pharos

Egypt represents one of the oldest civilizations on earth. The ancient culture of the land was so far advanced for its time that it has spawned legends of alien or supernatural influence. Engineers today, still cannot truly reproduce the perfect mathematics of the pyramids. The Sphinx and its riddle have survived thousands of years to become part of the pop culture lexicon.

When people cruise Egypt, they have a chance to lay eyes on some of these sites that have stood for almost as long as history has been recorded. Day trips from the boats include treks to Luxor or to the tomb of Ramses II. Tours are led by experienced Egyptologists who can put the artifacts into a historical and cultural context. When the day is done, the group returns to their waterborne suites and floats on to the next stop.

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