Family Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Family safaris feature many of the same things that make traditional wildlife tours unique and exciting. What sets them apart is the fact that they have several activities designed specifically for children. Also, many locations require guests to be at least 17 or 18, but family safaris have lodges that allow children (usually of eight and up) to stay with them.

There is often an educational element to family safaris. Children are given the opportunity to see how village schools differ from their own. They can also learn about the history, culture, and people of the region. Trips can also be taken that focus on scientific exploration in which kids can look at fossils, petrified plant life, or the ever popular, baby animals.

Booking Family Safaris

Many companies that offer trips throughout Africa have family safaris available. Packages usually include lodging and specific day trips, but leave room for personalization. Certain activities, such as family picnics, are almost always featured. Agencies usually feature a variety of trip durations and accommodations. This allows people to find a tour that fits their specific economic situation.

Certain destinations have become extremely popular for families. Plush animals and teacup rides are usually part of the deal. However, more families are realizing that there are alternatives to traditional tourism. Experiencing family safaris is entirely unique. Children will learn things that will never be taught in school, while still having time to play and experience a bit of adventure.

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