Kruger National Park Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Kruger National Park safaris are one of the most popular Big Five tours in Africa. It is possible to watch lions or leopards hunting their prey. Buffalo, rhinoceros, and elephant can be seen drinking from the same watering hole. As a bonus, one might even get the chance to see a cheetah break into a full run.

Located in South Africa, Kruger National Park has a diverse geography. This makes it a suitable habitat for a variety of birds, mammals, and fish. It also makes it the perfect site for hikes and walking tours. There is no question those who go on Kruger National Park safaris will see exotic game, but often, simply spending the day winding around the tree lined paths of the reserve is enough to make the trip worthwhile.

Accommodations on Kruger National Park Safaris

Few locales in Africa feature the amount of lodging alternatives that are available in Kruger National Park. Lodges in the area provide luxurious accommodations that fuse the diverse cultural influences of the region. Some sites have colonial cottages available, others have fully furnished tents, and still others function as communal caravans.

It is difficult for most people to imagine the beauty of the African landscape they will witness if they take Kruger National Park safaris. Much of the continent is made up of protected wildlife reserves. These spots, such as Kruger National Park, are undisturbed by civilization, and they represent the dwindling number of places in the world where animals can be viewed in a completely natural environment.

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