Mozambique Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Mozambique safaris take place in dense woodlands, through open savannah, and across an enormous coastline. The geography of the land often makes it necessary to stray from roads that are well traveled. Even experienced guides are constantly finding new paths that lead to the best game viewing sites.

Like all wildlife tours of Africa, Mozambique safaris feature rare species of animals. Many of these mammals, reptiles, and birds are not found on any other continent. Even many of the fish that dwell off the coast are unique. This fact brings big game fisherman to the region year after year.

Taking Cultural Tours while on Mozambique Safaris

The history of Mozambique is made up of a series of conquests. The land has changed hands and been colonized over and over again. The result is a cultural heritage that is extremely mixed. Architecture, religion, and music in the region are a blend of styles. Even the way people speak has been affected. Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, but places such as Mopato, have seen a rise in the number of people who speak English. Dutch and French are also common tongues in the area.

Some Mozambique safaris allow tourists to visit old settlements, or spend time learning about the country's indigenous peoples. Historical journeys give people a chance to witness the ongoing struggle between the past and the present in Africa. Western culture has done its best to influence the rest of the world. Much of what has existed for thousands of years in Africa is now gone. However, there are still vestiges of the past that can be seen.

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