Namibian Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Namibian safaris take place in a land of unconfined space and extreme beauty. A varied landscape that includes the Fish River Canyon, Namib Desert, and Etosha National Park, has given rise to 14 vegetation zones. These zones support 134 species of wild mammals, a number that is unrivaled almost anywhere else in the world. People on Namibian safaris can see lions, rhino, and elephant. They can also witness the largest population of cheetah in existence.

Along with its incredible wildlife, the country is also known for the diversity of its people. While the influx of tourism has affected the culture, many societies continue to live a lifestyle that has barely changed in thousands of years. There are Namibian safaris that will bring visitors in close contact with these groups, and allow them to see something that most westerners will never witness.

Extended Namibian Safaris

There are affordable Namibian safaris for those who wish to spend a short time on the trip. In fact, many people plan an entire vacation, and treat a safari as not much more than a day trip, flying in and quickly flying out. However, for those who truly wish to experience the natural surroundings and animal life of the region, there are trips that last over two weeks.

These extended Namibian safaris have completely altered the beliefs of many who have partaken in them. People have gone for the adventure or to simply try something different, and have returned to their homes committed to conservation. There is practically nothing in America that is comparable to going on safari. This makes that first trip to Africa truly unique.

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