Ngorongoro Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Ngorongoro safaris are as much explorations of the land's geology as they are explorations of its wildlife. The Ngorongo Crater is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. A trip to the site can be accomplished within a day, and it provides tourists with one of the most spectacular walking tours in the region. The crater, along with Ol Deani and Olmoti, is actually a volcanic remnant. This aspect of the crater lends it and the surrounding landscape an incredibly distinctive appearance. At times, people may feel as thought hey are walking on the surface of a different planet.

Along with the Crater, Ngorongoro safaris can lead to the waters of Lake Eysai or Lake Manyara. These bodies of water lure a variety of animals to their edges. They also are home to many exotic plants.

Seeing the Black Rhino on Ngorongoro Safaris

Unfortunately, each year a variety of animal species approach extinction or slip into the endangered category. Africa is home to the world's largest animal reserves. These lands are, for many creatures, the last hope of survival.

Ngorongoro safaris take place in what is one of the final refuges for the Black Rhino. Hunting and changes in the ecosystem have caused the rhinos numbers to decrease. Even those animals that are protected still fall prey to poachers, so as time passes there may be fewer opportunities to see the black rhino in its natural habitat. Ngorongoro safaris have actually done a lot to make the plight of the animal known, and steps are being taken to ensure its future.

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