Nile River Cruise

Written by Michael Federico
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Nile river cruise ships are some of the most lavish vessels in the world. The degree of comfort that guests experience onboard is rarely duplicated. Private suites with private balconies provide the perfect spots from which to view the passing sites of Egypt.

There are also the most modern of conveniences on these floating hotels. Each room has air conditioning, a mini bar, and a TV. One can dance in the ship's ballroom or if he fancies a haircut he can stroll down to the salon. There is entertainment onboard, and the opportunity to mingle with the other guests who have decided to take a leisurely Nile river cruise.

Site Seeing on a Nile River Cruise

While many do enjoy peacefully sitting on the ship and catching glimpses of sites from afar, each Nile river cruise gives those on the tour a chance to see some of the most spectacular Egyptian artifacts in person. After alighting, the tour moves from the ship into a city or an archeological find.

A Nile river cruise has given many the chance to see the tomb of Ramses II, the city of Cairo, or the ancient temples of Abu Simbel. Tours are conducted by experts, so at any time, whether on land or water, a visitor can get a better understanding of what they are seeing. Many people do not want to visit Egypt because of the heat, or the sand, or the bugs. A Nile river cruise gives these people the opportunity to see an important part of world history in pure comfort.

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