Okavango Delta

Written by Michael Federico
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Okavango delta floods cause a variety of wildlife to flock to the region. The headwaters that flow to the Okavango Delta begin in the western highlands of Angola. From there they make their way through Namibia before they are deposited in Botswana. Game follow the path throughout the year, reaching their destination when water levels are at their highest.

Botswana, which also holds the Chobe National Park, supports many of the animals that people travel to Africa to see. Lions, along with other great cats, buffalo, and rhinoceros are abundant. However, the Okavango Delta receives visitors that do not frequent other portions of the country. Crocodile, red lechwe, cranes, and wild dogs come to the floods in large numbers each year.

Safaris to the Okavango Delta

There are two major seasons of tourism in the Okavango Delta. Each brings a different type of traveler to the region. May to October is the best time to view wildlife. This is the period in which one can see the most species in a single area. It is also an opportunity to view the new young that are making their first trip to the delta. November to April marks the vegetation season. This coincides with the best time for birding, as birds return to the region when the plants begin to flower.

Trips to the Okavango Delta are not like trips across the U.S. To fully appreciate the land, one must be willing to spend some time there. Most safaris last at least a week, and several stretch past two weeks. For those who can afford it, personalized tours of Africa can last well over a month.

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