Okavango Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Okavango safaris expose tourists to the incredible diversity of wildlife that travels to the African flood lands each year. The Okavango Delta is the stuff that nature documentaries are made of. Terrestrial mammals such as antelope and elephant drink alongside rare birds and insects. On top of that, the water source from which they slake their thirst is often inhabited by crocodiles. Many of these things can only be seen on Okavango safaris.

The delta is one of the largest inland water systems in the world. Headwaters start in Angola and flow all the way to Botswana. Many animals spend their entire lives following that very same path, which means that Okavango safaris will often see the very same animals season after season.

Choosing Bird or Beast on Okavango Safaris

Unlike some areas in Africa, the Okavango Delta is a year-round destination. However, the wildlife varies depending on what time of year one visits. The largest population of mammals, including much of the game that most people associate with Africa, can be viewed between May and October. By the time November rolls around, the numbers have dwindled, as many species have begun to look elsewhere for food and drink.

All is not lost in November, though. The departure of the land animals gives way to those who spend much of their time in the sky. Birds will begin to arrive en masse, just as the plants have begun to turn green. During this time, those interested in birding can see a number of species that are unique to Africa. By the end of April, the birds take flight, and the cycle continues.

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