Panda Tours

Written by Michael Federico
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Panda tours take place throughout China. Wolong, Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai are some of the most traveled destinations for those who want to see panda cubs and adults up close in a way that they can't be seen outside of China. Guanzhou, Kunming, Datong, and Huangshag also have exceptional panda tours available, as well.

Americans tend to be fascinated by the panda. When a baby is born in a zoo it often makes the news. The bear, Ling Ling, achieved almost start status in the states. Many people say they are drawn to the animal by the sense of calm and serenity it exudes. Many are also intrigued by its unique appearance and its seemingly human expressions. Panda tours take travelers inside the world of the bear. While there is still distance between man and animal, the setting is far more natural than that of an American zoo.

Stops Made on Panda Tours

Many panda tours begin with a trip to the cub house. People can watch the young bears at play, and they can learn how the little ones' games help in the development and growth process. This stop is a crowd pleaser, and is usually the highlight of the trip for most children. After visiting with the cubs, treks may lead to an enclosure where the pandas can be viewed in their natural habitat. Tourists will also have the chance to visit the Giant Panda Base and the Giant Panda museum.

Panda tours usually only last about four hours. They can be a great activity to engage in while visiting China. However, the country has numerous sites to offer, and panda tours need not be the only trips that one books.

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