Rovos Rail

Written by Michael Federico
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Rovos Rail trips are designed to transport travelers to a different time. For over 15 years, the Rovos Rail has done its best to imitate Colonial African tours, in which the wealthiest travelers journeyed across the continent in the lap of luxury. All of the trains that travel the rail, whether diesel, steam run, or electric, have been completely refurbished to ensure comfort and safety.

Once onboard, tourists can retire to their private suites. Travelers can also enjoy fine dining and en route entertainment. Trips on the Rovos Rail last anywhere from one day to two weeks. Cost is dependent on the length of the excursion, but even the shortest trips may seem too expensive for most.

Sites Along the Rovos Rail

The ride is only one part of the Rovos Rail experience. The train makes stops along the way that highlight those things that are unique to Africa. Journeys can be taken from Cape Town to Dar-Es-Salaam, where the diverse cultural heritage of the land can be explored. There are also opportunities to visit Victoria Falls and several wildlife reserves. After a sojourn, one can return to the train and simply gaze upon the breathtaking landscape of the region.

The Rovos Rail caters to the traveler who wants to see Africa in the most relaxed way possible. It is not for those who have come to spend their days outdoors, hiking up trails for a possible glimpse at an antelope. These tours provide a taste of the safari while maintaining the feel of a four-star hotel.

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