Royal Malewane

Written by Michael Federico
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Royal Malewane suites are sought after by those who want to experience a side of Africa that very few people are aware of. When most Americans think of traveling to Africa, they picture safaris that will lead them out into the wilderness. Most assume they will stay in tents or in locations with very few modern accouterments. While this is what many people want from a safari, there are those who would travel to the region if they were aware of all the lodging options available.

The Royal Malewane offers accommodations that are only rivaled by the finest hotels in the world. This exclusive getaway brings a bit of colonial splendor to the modern tourist. Antique furniture and Victorian baths can be found in every room. Extreme privacy is maintained at all times, even if a guest chooses to eschew their room's indoor shower for their room's outdoor shower. Within the thatched roof buildings that dot the property, one can find a library or a gym. Those who stay in the 210 sq. meter Royal Suite will enjoy added perks such as a private butler and a personal chef.

Activities at the Royal Malewane

Guests of the Royal Malewane can still take part in some of the activities that make tours of Africa special. Due to its location in Kruger National Park, the Royal Malewane is privy to some excellent wildlife viewing. Several species of animals, including the Big Five, can be seen regularly.

In order to keep things extremely exclusive, Royal Malewane houses no more than 16 guests at a time. This means that reservations must be made well in advance. It is often easier to go through an African tour company than dealing with the resort, itself.

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