Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Written by Michael Federico
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Sabi Sabi game reserve lodges are unlike any others in the region. They are, in and of themselves, a representation of the diverse cultural influences that exist in South Africa. The Bush, Selati, and Earth lodges are all designed based on a specific time in the country's history. Respectively, they draw their inspiration form traditional life in the bush, colonial South Africa, and the new modern Africa that is beginning to emerge.

The lodges of the Sabi Sabi game reserve provide luxury to those who stay there. However, they also give visitors a bit of insight into the region. Unlike many lodges, these three can become an integral part of one's African vacation.

Wildlife Viewing on the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

One thing that makes the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve an extremely popular destination is that it has something special to offer throughout the year. During the winter, animals drink from water holes throughout the area. Those willing to brave a bit of the cold will have the opportunity to see both adult and newborn animals interacting with each other in a different way than in summer.

Summer, however, is also a wonderful time to view wildlife on the Sabi Sabi game reserve. If the heat becomes too much, one can simply return to the lodge to cool down. After the sun sets, one can step into the South African summer night, and sit beneath a sky that displays more stars than most city-dwellers have seen in their entire lives.

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