South African Wildlife Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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South African wildlife safaris offer a very interesting dichotomy for travelers. On one hand, they can experience a trip into the wild where they can view a number of different animals. On the other, they can experience life in one of several modern cities, where most people speak English and influences from Europe and Asia are as prevalent as those from Africa.

It is the varied culture of the country that leads many people to go on South African wildlife safaris. They know that while there, they will still be able to converse easily with most everyone around them. They also realize that travel is a bit easier in South Africa, due to the fact that there is an efficient road system, a trait that is not true about all safari destinations.

Visiting National Game Reserves on South African Wildlife Safaris

Many national game reserves in South Africa feature lodges that are far more luxurious than those in national reserves, elsewhere. Many people do not go to Africa seeking comfort. However, for those who do, a South African reserve is probably the best bet.

The Royal Malewane features accommodations that most upscale hotels don't have. Libraries, antique furniture, and classic Victorian baths are just a few of the perks that guests can enjoy. While staying at the Royal Malewane, located in Kruger National Park it is possible to go on some of the finest South African wildlife safaris during the day, only to return to a specially prepared five-star meal at night.

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