Tour Of China

Written by Michael Federico
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"Tour of China," is actually a bit of a misnomer. The country is so vast and there are so many sites to see that those who travel there generally only get to see a small portion of it. A tour of China can open up a world that has long been a mystery to most people. The culture and history of the country, while frequently the subject of movies, is not understood by many the United States.

This lack of knowledge has led to stereotypes and generalizations. However, those who have made the trip and taken a tour of China have found that the people to be incredibly hospitable, the cities to be exciting, and the historical sites to be unmatched by most anything else in the world. The Chinese culture stretches back thousands of years, and there are still vestiges of the old world present in the modern day country.

Taking a Panda Tour of China

Many travel to China to see the Great Wall. This feat of engineering has long dazzled visitors. However, more and more vacationers will embark on a tour of China each year to see the panda. These bears continue to captivate people from all over the world.

A panda tour of China is a spectacular trip for anyone who is interested in the animal. Even those who are not particularly intrigued by the panda will most likely walk away with a new appreciation for the animal. Taking a panda tour of China is also a wonderful family activity. Children can visit museums that teach them more about the bear, and most importantly, they can watch panda cubs up close.

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