Tour Of Egypt

Written by Michael Federico
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A tour of Egypt leads travelers through some of the most awe-inspiring land in the world. The remains from Ancient Egypt are legendary. They have inspired myths, legends, and even horror stories. The pyramids, the Sphinx, and the mummies of Tut and Ramses have lured archeologists, historians, and thieves to the country.

It is impossible to experience everything on a single tour of Egypt. However, if vacationers can narrow down their choices, they can still visit some incredible sites. Many people basically take a Cleopatra tour of Egypt, following in the Queen's footsteps. Others just want to see the Great Pyramid. Still, others are more interested in the modern world. They can take a tour of Egypt that hits the major cities, and more importantly, the major markets.

Taking a River Tour of Egypt

The Nile offers an excellent passageway through the country. A tour of Egypt that takes place on the largest river in the world is completely different from any other trip one can book. The ships that these tours take place on are the standard-bearers for luxury water craft. They bring every modern convenience to those who want to see the ancient world.

A cruise along the Nile still gives people a chance to see much of the country. Stops are made that highlight the history and culture of the nation. These trips are as much about relaxation as they are about seeing the country. For those who really want to dig deep into the past, a river tour of Egypt is probably not the right choice.

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