Tour Of The Seychelles

Written by Michael Federico
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Tour of the Seychelles tops the list of attractions offered by many agencies that book trips to Africa. This is because the archipelago offers several vacations in one. The sheer variety of options has led some companies to develop a different tour of the Seychelles for each of their clients.

There are trips for the aquatic adventurer that feature diving or big game fishing. Other tours are designed for those interested in wildlife or bird watching (one of the islands is home to millions of birds). Still, other packages allow travelers to simply bask in the sun while lounging on beautiful beaches.

An Island-Specific Tour of the Seychelles

Each island of the Seychelles has something unique to offer. Mahe is the largest, and is home to the capital of Victoria. Praslin, the second largest, has extensive beaches and a variety of animal inhabitants. La Digne is the most photographed of the islands due to its landscape. The mist forest of silhouette is the least disturbed original forest in the region. Fregate Island, formerly a favorite spot for pirates, is rich in history.

There is even a group of islands within the group of islands. The Ste. Anne National Park Islands, made up of Ste. Anne, Long, Cerf, and Moyenne, lie off of Victoria Harbor. These islands were first settled by the French in 1770. A tour of the Seychelles that leads to the Ste. Annes usually includes picnicking, rides on glass-bottom boats, and ample opportunities to feed the fish. A true tour of the Seychelles should include stops on several different islands, but people tend to find a favorite, and try to spend as much time there as possible.

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