Ugandan Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Ugandan safaris are the premiere destination for bird watchers the world over. Over 1000 recorded species nest in the area. This has allowed people to see, up close, creatures they thought they would only ever view in a book.

One does not have to be intrigued by life in the skies to enjoy Ugandan safaris, however. There is abundant life on the ground, including the world's most varied primate population. Tours of the country lead travelers through forests, into the mountains, and on to the banks of sparkling lakes. There is the opportunity for sport fishing, and the chance to get to know the people of Uganda, who are famous for their hospitality.

Taking the Gorilla Trek on Ugandan Safaris

One of the things that makes Ugandan safaris especially appealing to many is the gorilla trek that takes place in Bwindi National Park. The trip sends visitors in search of the endangered mountain gorilla. The country is the natural habitat of half of the entire world's gorilla population.

Even if the great ape proves elusive, the country that is traversed on the trip is magnificent. Along the way, other animal life can be observed, as well. This does not mean that seeking the gorilla is like trying to find Bigfoot or the Yeti. They do exist, and many have witnessed them. Uganda is often called, The Pearl of Africa, and those who safari there, have the chance to discover the beauty of the land, the animals, and the people that are responsible for that name.

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