Walking Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Walking safaris combine wildlife viewing with the appreciation of beautiful and unique landscapes. Where most tours in Africa focus on getting travelers to a spot where they can best see the variety of animals that dwell in the area, walking safaris focus on the journey to the spot, itself. Hikes can lead through woodland areas, across volcanic rocks, or into villages inhabited by a people who have walked the same land for many thousands of years.

Those who choose to go on walking safaris do so because they want to experience as much of Africa as possible. They realize that they will get to see lions, leopards, or the other animals they have traveled half way across the world to see. However, they will also get to study the plant life and the surrounding rock formations of the area.

Finding the Best Walking Safaris

Not every destination makes for good walking safaris. There are areas that are simply too difficult or unsafe to traverse on foot. If one wants to go on a walking safari, it is important that he choose a location that lends itself to the activity.

Many consider the Ngorongoro crater trek to be the best walking safari in Africa. The journey to the crater can be achieved inside of one day. Along the way, hikers can take in the spectacular atmosphere and view a variety of species of both plant and animal. The crater makes for a breathtaking destination. Formed by volcanic activity, it is a geological occurrence only exists in very few places. Some people will make the hike to the crater, or other walking safaris, one activity of many on their tour of Africa.

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