Wildlife Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Wildlife safaris represent one of the very few ways Man can witness animals in purely natural surroundings. Unlike zoos, or even those drive-through wilderness parks, wildlife safaris allow people to witness the true animal behavior. Animals that rule their domain, such as the lion, can never truly be appreciated until they are seen in their own habitat.

The reasons that people embark on wildlife safaris are countless. Some seek adventure, others are simply lovers of nature, and still others believe they will learn something about themselves and their purpose in life by spending time in an environment that is totally foreign to them. Many who write about their time spent on safari cover in detail how their entire perception of their place in the world was altered. While Hemingway was affected by the thrill of the hunt, others were moved by the simple act of observance, content to lie waiting for hours just to catch a glimpse of a cheetah or a leopard.

Available African Wildlife Safaris

There are a number of companies that offer wildlife safaris. Each company has several different packages, and most allow travel to different areas of the continent. Some of the most popular destinations of these tours are Kenya, Zambia, and Namibia.

Knowing the types of animals one once to see can simplify the decision making process for a tourist. While many sites offer a variety of species, they are not all home to the same mammals and birds. The landscape of the region is also incredibly varied. Some locations are covered in forests, some are strictly savannah, and others feature long beaches and coastlines.

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