Zambia Safaris

Written by Michael Federico
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Zambia safaris are not for the pampered traveler. The country is not famous for catering to the mass tourism market. Zambia safaris are more for those intrepid souls who are always seeking a bit of adventure. The fact that the region is supported by three large rivers and three massive lakes has made it a favorite spot for a variety of wildlife.

Some locations on Zambia safaris are not easily reached. They require a good amount of travel and substantial camping. However, a trip to this part of Africa offers several experiences that do not occur anywhere else.

What Makes Zambia Safaris Different?

Setting out on a Zambia safari may very well lead to the plains of Busanga and Bangweulu. While there, visitors might have the chance to view tens of thousands of antelope making their crossing. If the tour leads to the Livwa Plains, a wildebeest migration that rivals that of the Serengeti can be witnessed. If this is not enough for the truly daring, they can always try their luck by white-water rafting on the Zambia River. Amidst all of the excitement, it is also possible to take in what many consider to be the most stunning scenery on earth.

There are a number of options one has when booking a tour of Africa. Zambia safaris are perfect for some people. The safaris are a bit detached and they have not become as commercialized as many of the others. However, there are trips to other locations that might provide travelers more comfort and relaxation.

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