Airline Air Travel

Written by Robert Mac
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Airline air travel has changed a lot in the last half century, from glamorous jet-setting to the pack-'em-in mentality of today. Prices have come down, but don't forget: you get what you pay for. In exchange for a few bucks, we get the convenience of more flights, more passengers . . . and more noise.

Granted, there are differences in airline air travel; each airline runs things a little differently. Southwest, for instance, doesn't have assigned seats and they have a really fun sense of humor with a laid-back attitude. United is much more serious and seems geared for the well-paying business traveler rather than the budget traveler; for years, they've had the best frequent flyer program.

Commonalities of Airline Air Travel Providers

For all their differences, the major airlines do share this: they are in a hurting industry. To be as profitable as possible, they have to fit as many people on flights as they can to compete in this busy market. The bottom line with airline air travel is their bottom line: if they don't pack them in, they'll have to pack up and file for Chapter 11.

What this means for travelers is more passengers on less flights. Traveling by plane might be more of a drag today, but there are ways around it. There are travel accessories that make the best of a bad situation and bring relief to your neck, ears, respiratory system, or whatever ails you. Technology has created a number of wonderful gadgets that try to make the best of the travel experience.

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