Airline Travel Tip

Written by Robert Mac
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The right airline travel tip can help you squeeze a little bit more comfort out of your travel plans. Speaking of squeezing, flights these days are more crowded than ever--the most anyone can hope for is an empty seat next door. There are a few sneaky ways to get one, but a crucial one is getting to the airport early.

Some Airline Travel Tips to Make Your Flight a Bit More Comfortable

Too big for the regular airline seat? If you're tall, sit in an emergency exit row; you'll have to pay extra attention during the announcements, but you'll get to stretch out those long legs. A more common desire, though, is wider seats--airline seats haven't grown the way most Americans have in the last few decades, but there are ways to be next to an empty seat.

Here are a few airline travel tips for when you are booking your flight. Ask right away to be seated next to an empty seat; this works better when you book directly with the airline. Another tip is to book on less crowded flights, like red-eyes, or--if you can afford it--in less crowded areas; i.e., upgrade to a better class.

The best airline travel tip for your travel day is to check in as early as possible. This guarantees your checked-in bags will make it on your flight, lets you take your time going through security, and on some airlines--most notably, Southwest--it puts you in front of the open-seating line. And if you do board early, pop up the armrest: it'll give you a bit more room and discourage others from sitting there unless they absolutely have to.

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