Written by Robert Mac
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Baggallini has been crafting colorful travel gear since the 1990s. Their "baggs" are efficiently designed with lots of pockets and compartments, and many can be reconfigured to switch from bag to knap sack to fanny pouch. Many of their totes fold up nicely into a pouch so you can pack them away when not in use, and pull them out when you need them.

There are a number of smaller bags for cell phones and other gadgets--they are ideal when traveling. The cell phone bag, for instance, has an easy-opening Velcro flap in the front for your phone, plus a secure zippered pocket in the back for credit cards, cash, and other wallet filler. With a belt loop and a detachable shoulder strap, you can hold it, wear it, or strap it on.

Baggallini Baggs Brighten Big Time

While most convertible smaller bags come in only a few colors like black or khaki, Baggallini baggs run the gamut of the color wheel. The funky messenger bag, with pockets galore including a hidden one in the shoulder strap, is available in lime, turquoise, teal, periwinkle, plus all the usual rainbow colors. And their two-toned totes are too cool for school: not only super colorful, but they fold down to a hand-sized pouch.

While they have many wallet and cell phone bags, Baggallini also has a full line of more traditional travel gear, such as wheeled suitcases for both adults and children. Plus, they have specialty bags, too, for everything from your pet to a bag of ice and 10 cans of your favorite drink. They even have a beach bag for wet and dry clothes that also keeps sand (and tanning oil) away from your camera.

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how to fold baggallini

I purchased a large baggallini bag that zips into a pouch. Now that I have used it, how do I fold it back up to fit back into the zippered pouched?