Cheap Flights You Can Find Online

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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You can find cheap flights online but it's best to have flexibility, time to search, and patience. Once upon a time travel agents had to do the job for you, or you called an airline directly and booked your own flights. The internet has changed all that. You can research flights and prices and any destination in the world you've been dying to visit, at your leisure, in the middle of the night when you can't sleep, basically, 24/7.

To get started, if you can begin planning your trip a month in advance, you can take advantage of 21-day in advance fares which are discounted by many airlines. A smart comparison search might start with going to the websites of the airlines themselves to check on the cheapest fare available for the time period. You will notice that the flights offered mid-week, or with a Saturday night stay-over are the least expensive. Also, if you are willing to take a red-eye or a really early morning flight, the fare is lower. It's all a question of how flexible you are willing to be with dates and times, and connecting flights if necessary. After checking the airline website standard fares, it's time to use your investigative skills searching for a better deal.

Remember that traveling in both directions on the same airline will be cheaper and be sure to check on other airport options close to your destination. While your search might begin well in advance, there are also great last-minute deals to be had if you have a spontaneous notion to visit Aunt Beth in Minneapolis. Of course, trying to get a bargain around Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter holidays will be tricky, but you need to be vigilant and keep checking, as prices can come down or change in a matter of hours. It is not uncommon to lose that great fare you thought you had, while entering your credit card information, because another ticket buyer has just purchased the last remaining seats at that price. The following are reliable and popular sites for online booking:

Have you tried a reverse auction site yet for purchasing tickets? You can go to and bid on a ticket, offering the price you are willing to pay, and you might just get it!

If you need to tack on accomodations or rental cars or tickets to the opera, that can be done on many of these sites as well. There is no limit to how organized, prepared, scheduled and knowledgeable you can be when it comes to travel these days. You can go to the website of most hotels and view pictures of guestrooms. You can even buy museum passes before you have left home. The internet has really become a most valuable tool when it comes to traveling the world, and it all starts with a great deal on air travel. Bon voyage!

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