Extreme Isolation Headphones

Written by Robert Mac
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Extreme Isolation Headphones live up to their name--they can isolate you from any unwanted clatter by nearly 30 decibels. That's even more than some active noise reduction headphones, and they can do it without any muffling or distortion. Extreme Isolation Headphones are great for musicians (they were invented by a drummer, after all) and others who need a little quiet at work.

Extreme Isolation Headphones use passive technology, rather than active noise reduction technology, but deliver just as good noise reduction scores--if not better. And you can get them in the ballpark of a hundred bucks, so they are as affordable as they are practical. Since they work so well, you only need to set them to medium or low volume to experience the quietness they create.

Extreme Isolation Headphones Are Extremely Comfortable

Noise reduction headphones have only been on the market a short while, and some of the earlier models cut noise very well, but weren't comfortable to wear. Not so with these Extreme Headphones. They claim to use the lightest ear muffs ever made, and use dual behind-the-head cords (instead of a single curly one) for added flexibility.

While these are ideal for musicians who want to isolate certain sounds or instruments--hence the name--they are practical to anyone who works or lives in a noisy environment. There are people who love to listen, or need to do so at work, and these headphones make listening easier. Sound engineers, people using metal detectors on the beach, music lovers, even fans of police scanners--whoever listens can hear more with these extreme headphones.

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