No Jet Lag

Written by Robert Mac
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No Jet Lag is a homeopathic remedy to a condition that more than 90 percent of flyers get: jet lag. While the jury is still out on what causes all the adverse conditions that we collectively call "jet lag," there are a few that are generally accepted. No Jet Lag treats them with its arsenal of natural ingredients prepared in diluted amounts, the typical homeopathic way.

Jet lag affects almost every traveler, even pilots, flight crews, and regular flyers. Children appear to not get affected as much as adults, and people with rigid schedules tend to be affected the most. Those with flexibility in their daily routines are more able to handle the change in sleep patterns required by flying across multiple time zones.

The main culprit of jet lag is crossing time zones: NASA reports that it takes one day to recover for each time zone that you cross. The interior of an airplane plays a big role, too--the dry air, high pressure, and proximity to other passengers (and their colds), all challenge your immune system. Being immobile for long period also affects your circulation and overall well-being.

No Jet Lag Is a Proven Jet Lag Remedy

If regular flyers--flight attendants, pilots, military personnel, and athletes--claim that it reduces fatigue, confusion, insomnia, and general "crabbiness," then it's worth a try; informal scientific testing also backs up these assertions. The advantage of No Jet Lag is that it is a homeopathic product--it's nearly impossible to cause adverse effects because it uses minute dilutions of its active ingredients. Taking other precautions--drinking plenty of water, resting well before you fly, and stretching during the flight--will also reduce the effects of jet lag.

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