Packing Aids

Written by Robert Mac
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Packing aids let you safely and confidently pack up all your gear--especially those delicate electronic gadgets and cameras. Old-school vintage bags look cool at the airport, harkening back to an earlier time, but are useless when you want to put your CD player somewhere safe. Today's luggage needs to be padded, compartmentalized, and very accessible to accommodate today's travel gear.

Look at all the gadgets people take with them on a flight: a cell phone (those might even be mandatory now), a Palm Pilot or other PDA, a camera (especially vacationers), some e-mail/pager thing, a laptop, MP3 or CD player, and throw in a portable DVD player, too. You can't just toss them in a bag and hope that your contents don't shift during the flight. You need some sensible packing aids to protect your stuff.

Packing Aids Keep Valuables Secure

A lot of today's packing aids are ready for anything you might bring along. Take The Pod for instance; it's a 20-pocket bag/shoulder bag/fanny pack that can securely store your digital equipment, plus cables, batteries, lens covers, film, and cell phone. It's padded and adjustable in all the right places, and its "winged" outer pockets are easy to access and thoughtfully designed.

Of course, there are many other unique designs, including inflatable pockets (collapsible and floatable, too), dry pouches for sensitive electronic equipment, and smart jewelry cases that keep your bling-bling from getting dinged-dinged. Nothing ruins a trip more than having gear break because it wasn't packed or protected well--get the right bag before you go.

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