Plane Quiet

Written by Robert Mac
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Plane Quiet is the clever name of a clever product: noise reducing headphones for airplanes. In truth, though, you can use Plane Quiet headphones anywhere you want to eliminate unwanted background noise. They don't just mask or reduce ambient sound--they eliminate up to 17 decibels of clatter.

Plane Quiet Headsets Use Active Noise Reduction Technology

The long wait is over: active noise reduction is now available to the masses. Once too expensive for the average consumer, the technology behind active noise reduction (ANR) has dropped in price and is inside the latest noise canceling headphones. What's the secret ingredient? A tiny processor.

Here's how it works: outside the comfortable, ergonomic headphones are microphones. They "listen" to the outside ambient sound while a processor creates a sound wave that is the reverse of the ambient sound. The processor has to be quick: it plays the reverse wave into the headphones at the same time the wearer hears the background noise. The two sound waves cancel each other out.

Plane Quiet not only breaks the sound barrier, but it breaks the price barrier, too. For about $80, you can get this single unit headset (cords and adaptors are built in, so you don't have to worry about losing them) and a great warranty from the manufacturer. The headphones are designed to be comfortable as possible, so you can wear them during long trips or any time you want to enjoy music or just plain silence.

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