Written by Robert Mac
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SearchAlert combination locks keep your bags secure unless a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) official needs to manually check them. Rather than cutting off locks to search your bags, the TSA can open your SearchAlert luggage with a secured device, saving your lock . . . and your peace of mind. A small light that changes from green to red lets you know when someone has accessed your luggage.

Any improvement in security is appreciated in the airline industry, and SearchAlert is another example of making the process easier for everyone. Approved by the TSA, these locks can be opened by security officials if you are not around to do so yourself. By checking the indicator light, you'll know if a TSA agent checked your bag and didn't give you the proper documentation.

SearchAlert Locks Are Also Re-Settable

Another advantage of these high-tech locks is their ability to be reset. You can change the combination every afternoon if you'd like; it's just another way of keeping your possessions secure in today's tense airports. When it comes to things you hold near and dear, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The experience of flying has changed drastically in our lifetimes, and will continue to be a stressful endeavor. Heightened security, longer lines, and fuller flights make everyone more tense; anything that relieves worry helps. And if can stop worrying about your luggage for a few precious moments, you're that much closer to having a perfect trip.

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