Shake Awake

Written by Robert Mac
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Shake Awake is a clever device that does just what it promises: it's an alarm clock that wakes people up silently--by shaking. Put it under your pillow or mattress and it will wake you with a vibration, letting those around you continue to sleep in peace. It's perfect for traveling, or a number of other situations.

Shake Awake Alarms and Timers

Shake Awake also makes timers that have a choice of three different alarms: vibrate, beep, or flash. This triple-headed timer will wake up the sleepiest teenager, the hearing impaired, commuters, or sleepmates on different schedules. Or just those hard-to-wake "morning impaired" people--too bad it doesn't make coffee, too.

One of its handiest uses is for traveling. It's small and packs well. It's easy to use and easy to read. It has a clip so it won't get lost. But the big advantage is that it's personal. Set it to vibrate and you won't bother anyone else on the plane, train, or automobile. Sleep is crucial when you travel, so you shouldn't ruin others' with a loud alarm--shake up instead of wake up.

Shake Awake is just one of many products available today that aims to make travel as easy and convenient as possible, despite all the obstacles. While getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to combat jet lag, getting back on a regular sleep schedule is necessary, too--and not easy when you keep jumping time zones. A vibrating alarm is a small step to remedy that without annoying other travelers.

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