Sidewinder Chargers

Written by Robert Mac
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SideWinder Chargers are the world's smallest and lightest cell phone chargers. And, according to Innovative Solutions & Technologies--the company that produces them--they are the most powerful chargers, too. And here's why--they are human powered.

That's right: SideWinder Chargers have a tiny crank on the side and operate like those old telephones from Little House on the Prairie. But, just like back then, it's best used for emergency use only. "Mabel, tell the Sheriff there's a ruckus in the school yard." Or "Tell them to sell when it gets to a thousand." Or whatever crucial message you need to convey.

Make Crank Calls with SideWinder Chargers

About two minutes of cranking will get you about six minutes of talk time. Basically, you have to crank to create enough juice to keep it going--just is if you had plugged it into an outlet to recharge. In theory, you could crank for an hour or so and fully recharge your battery, but it's designed for those emergency situations where there is no other battery or power source available . . . except your two bare hands.

SideWinder Chargers are very compact, about two inches by an inch by an inch and a half, and only weigh two and a half ounces. They can fit in your glove box, camping gear, or airline bag so you can always take--or make--that important call without fear of a dead battery. And they are pretty inexpensive, too, so consider it cheap insurance for an emergency battery that you can trust will always work.

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