Smart Jewelry Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Smart jewelry cases are truly clever; they keep your valuables safe while you travel, and they do it with class. Instead of putting your necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings in a big container that will let them bounce into each other, smart jewelry cases keep them snug and safe. Efficiently designed, these cases look good and keep you looking good, too.

The interior of smart jewelry cases is a simple design: soft rubber compartments that separate your jewelry by size. On the other side (yes, it's two-sided) is a tiny peg-board made of the same supple rubber. You can weave your necklaces through the pegs and not worry about them tangling up or knotting while you travel. And a foam lining adds another layer of protection.

Look Smart with Smart Jewelry Cases

The exteriors of these smart cases look sharp, too. You can choose a glossy burlwood, silver metallic, black, or red. The case should look as expensive as the jewelry inside, right? Not only beautiful to the eye, they are durable (made from a high-tech ABS plastic) and will handle all the wear and tear you dish out.

Since they are less than 10 by five inches, they are perfect for taking anywhere: carry-on luggage, gym bags, or your briefcase. You can have your favorite jewelry with you wherever you go. Customize the case with your name on a stainless steel plate for that added touch of elegance.

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