Talking Translators

Written by Robert Mac
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Talking translators can order food, call the police, or ask for directions to the rest room so you don't have to. (Actually, these translators are gadgets that enunciate phrases to you, so you can learn the right way to speak.) Either way, you'll have a guten tag when you can speak the local language on your next overseas trip.

The Lingo 6 is one of the newest talking translators. It "speaks" English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese--which makes it more fluent than the average American. It can say 36,000 words (the average person uses about 2000) and 720 useful phrases. It weighs about 10 ounces, so you can slip it in your pocket and go mingle.

But it's more than just a clever chatterbox. The Lingo 6 has a world clock with 200 cities for all your jet-setting needs, travel alarms, and a talking calculator--you won't believe how much international travel comes out to be questions about price. Bring four AAA batteries and you'll be speaking in tongues until you get home.

Talking Translators Make Saying Adios Hard to Do

The hardest part about international travel is the communication barrier; today's technology makes it easier than ever. By using talking translators, you'll fit right in with every country you visit--you'll never want to leave. Make sure to bring one on your next trip and you'll have a bon voyage.

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