Travel In Comfort

Written by Robert Mac
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Travel in comfort or pay the price. It's true: traveling today, if done without foresight, can be a frustrating, uncomfortable nightmare. I travel about once a month and see all the frequent flyers. They don't look nearly as miserable as I feel because they know all the secrets.

To Travel in Comfort, Start at Home

It may seem obvious to some, but a comfortable trip begins at home--long before you go. Book a flight during off-peak hours if you want to have an empty seat next to you. Pack ahead of time, get plenty of sleep, and have a few routes for the airport--and get there early for less stress and better seats.

On the day of your flight, you can travel in comfort by getting all the right gadgets: pressure-regulating earplugs that take the pressure off your ear drums, noise reducing headphones to cut the background noise, and vibrating alarm clocks to keep you in synch with your sleep cycle. And don't forget your own blankets, neck pillows, and sleep masks to make your stiff chair seem more like a soft bed.

Did you know that about one in five airplane travelers get a cold within a week of flying? To travel in comfort means to be healthy, too; cramped cabins are a breeding ground for all sorts of colds and other viruses. There are a number of homeopathic medicines that boost your immunity while flying and cut back the effects of jet lag, too.

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