Amelia Island Accommodations

Written by Jill Morrison
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Amelia Island accommodations are well-known for their exquisite decor. Amelia Island is a charming vacation spot in Florida. Lodging accommodations can be historic, tropical, relaxing, or romantic.

Types of Amelia Island Accommodations

Amelia Island accommodations can be acquired in a hotel, inn, resort, condominium, or bed and breakfast. You can choose a short or long term stay, monthly rental plan, or pay for rooms by night. Amelia Island is visited mostly for recreation, relaxation, or weddings.

Amelia Island accommodations in a Bed and Breakfast are often magnificent. You can choose from lavish rooms with many different themes in decor. Room theme choices include Victorian, early 1900s cottage, Chinese, Camelot, Italian Art, or a Bridal Anniversary suite.

Resort accommodations on Amelia Island provide the opportunity for guests to escape daily life and relax. Rooms and services are comfortable and exotic. Resorts may also offer spa treatments for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, face, and body.

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