Amelia Island Fishing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Amelia Island fishing offers many different types of options for fisherman or people who occasionally enjoy fishing. You have the choice of fishing from a boat, the shore, a pier, or from the water. You can also purchase packages for instructors to teach your how to fish more effectively.

Amelia Island Fishing Options

Chartered boats are available for all types of offshore Amelia Island fishing. You can fish for big game, or bottom variety fish, and even fish tidal rivers or flats. Bass fishing is a popular option in both the fresh and tidal waters.

There are two piers available for Amelia Island fishing. One pier is private and the Ft. Clinch State Park pier is open to the public. The old bridge at the south side of the island has been converted into a new pier for fishing.

Amelia Island is surrounded by 13 miles of beach shores. This is a large working space for fisherman. Whether fishing on your own, or with a pro, you are sure to catch a large amount of fish on Amelia Island.

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