Amelia Island Rentals

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many types of Amelia Island rentals when you are vacationing on Amelia Island. You can rent time on a boat for fishing or sight seeing. You can also rent space or equipment in order to partake in various recreational activities.

Options in Amelia Island Rentals

A popular choice in Amelia Island rentals is boat rental. You can choose from one of 18 charter boats for fishing, sight-seeing, or a sunset cruise. You may see magnificent wildlife on a boat excursion, such as dolphins, manatees, whales, or sea turtles.

Recreational equipment is another choice in Amelia Island rentals. Many vacationers enjoy renting bicycles and riding down many scenic paths. You can also rent sporting equipment such as tennis racquets, golf clubs, volleyballs and nets.

Recreational time can be rented at most hotels on Amelia Island. You can choose to play sports such as golf, tennis, volleyball, or basketball. You can also purchase a nature hike tour or go horseback riding in beautiful locations.

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