Amelia Island Vacations

Written by Jill Morrison
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Amelia Island Vacations are perfect for a weekend getaway. The island attracts romantic couples, families, friends, and individuals because of its diverse options in activities and scenery. The island is beautiful with sandy beaches, clear blue waters, forests, gardens, lakes, and rivers.

Amelia Island vacations are organized primarily for guests to relax on the tropical beaches. The climate is mild and enjoyable nearly year-round. For this reason, Amelia Island is also well-known for its great options in outdoor activities.

Amelia Island vacations would not be complete without a visit to the nationally recognized tennis or golf facilities. Many guests also enjoy activities such as horseback riding, fishing, bicycling, hiking, sight-seeing, swimming, or receiving spa treatment at an Amelia Island resort. The island also offers many fantastic restaurants with every type of cuisine imaginable, following a long day of great activities.

Fishing is a popular activity for many Amelia Island vacations. Guests can rent time on a boat and enjoy catching many types of fish from the ocean waters or fresh waters on the island. Instructors and rental equipment are readily available for beginners.

Popular Locations for Amelia Island Vacations

Fernandina Beach is an island town that is regularly visited by Amelia Island guests. The town is known for its historical significance in sites and buildings. Fernandina Beach features a 50-block historic district and is home to the first modern shrimping company.

Lodging is readily available for all types of Amelia Island vacations. Amelia Island is a popular vacation spot, so lodging options have grown tremendously through the years. Guests can choose to stay at a resort, hotel, motel, inn, or bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast inns are definitely the most popular type of lodging for Amelia Island vacations. There are many great Bed and Breakfasts to choose from, but the Williams House is well-known as the best inn for comfort and elegance. The Williams House was created from a historic mansion and features many uniquely decorated rooms for guests.

If guests prefer lodging other than Bed and Breakfast inns, there are many other choices. Resorts are also popular for many Amelia Island vacations. Resorts offer access to spa treatments, private beaches, private golf courses and many options for achieving ultimate relaxation and bliss on Amelia Island.

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