Fernandina Beach Bed And Breakfast

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Fernandina Beach Bed and Breakfast is the perfect type of lodging for a weekend getaway. Bed and Breakfasts are cozy inns that offer breakfast daily with your stay at the inn. Many feature exquisite decorations and exemplary service.

Fernandina Beach is an excellent location for a vacation. Along with beautiful beaches, the town features a 50 block historic district. The historic sites and building along with the beautiful scenery are very appealing to many travelers.

Fernandina Beach Bed and Breakfast Options

There are many different Fernandina Beach Bed and Breakfast inns to choose from. Some options include the Addison House, the Bailey House, Walnford Inn, and Elizabeth Point Lodge. The most well-known Bed and Breakfast spot is The Williams House.

The Williams House is a Nationally Award-winning Fernandina Beach Bed and Breakfast. The building is a historic mansion that was built nearly 150 years ago. The decor and service at the Williams House is exquisite and memorable.

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